Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Bubka

I honestly put no thought into the name of my newfound blog. If I put thought into it, then failed to maintain it, my failure would be magnified. Then, someday, I would go and look at my paltry post or two, see that I had actually put some thought into the title of the blog, and I would feel my face flush with embarrassment. Whether or not there are witnesses, that feeling of flushness is unpleasant.

So, to combat this scenario, I put the first thing that came to my mind: Bubka. I put the word "The" in front of it because it's a fun opportunity to refer to myself in the third person - this has always appealed to me.

As for the meaning of Bubka...

When I was growing up, the crazy religious people around me treated Satan as the Boogeyman. He was both omnipresent and subtle - if you weren't constantly on guard, he would overtake you. And if he overtook you - well, I'm not sure what would happen, but it would be really bad.


Susan has asked me for years to keep a blog. So here it is: A Blog.

I'm not sure if it will stick, to be honest. I like the concept. But I also know that the last thing I need is another something-I-should-be-doing-but-I'm-not-doing.

So, if I write a few things, maybe I'll start linking to my Facebook. If I don't, then this will hang in the abyss, a silent reminder of something that didn't stick.